Another one of those WOW kind of days…
Set off through the Bavarian Alps once again to tour yet another residence of Ludwig II. (This guy is worth looking up if you don’t know anything about him! Donald Trump has nothing on Ludwig~~he had a giant ego and plenty of wealth that he did not hesitate to lavish on himself.) Linderhof was his favorite place, and it was patterned after Palace of Versailles in France. No pictures were allowed inside, but the exterior and gardens give you some idea of the extravagance. After Linderghof, we stopped in Oberammergau, a charming mountain town that is world famous for the Passion Play that they present every ten years as a thank you to God for answering their prayers and saving them from the bubonic plague. The first performance was in 1634, and it is done completely by townspeople with no professional actors. A very good day indeed!


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