Photo: Marcy Wielfaert

It is a case of trying for the perfect picture, one we could enlarge and print for the living room, so yesterday evening we drove for the third time to the New London Lighthouse.   We were encouraged when our family gave positive comments on the picture you see here, but somehow, we didn’t have the right settings to allow enlargement, and we hoped for a little more evening color — so we have kept trying.   Visit number two produced pictures that were too dark.  Last night’s sky was absolutely beautiful with colors turning from yellow to red then lingering well past sunset.  With those great conditions, we are still not sure if we have the right one yet or not.  We tried a technique whereby we took several (24) of the exact same shot, but varied exposures – first for the sky, then the for the lighthouse, then for the foreground.  The idea is to use software to combine these 24 pictures into one perfect one with good exposure from front to back.  The laptop we are using doesn’t have the horsepower to combine all these pictures and produce a result without waiting for several hours, so we may have to wait for the final result.

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