The blue hour from our backard

Sure, I’ve had a few seasons of the blues. Of course, winter is the perfect blue season, and the cold, coughing, stark, sloppy, bill-paying January blues can be the worst. A small dose of Isaiah 40:31 always seems to get me back to a quick joy, and despite the cold, I can start seeing the great parts of this time of year again. I hate to think I would even allow myself to go to the blue side. There is always something to love about life and the one sure reason for me to love January life is the light. Rather than the sad blues, I can delight in what I learned is called “l’heure bleue”, the “blue hour” – where 20 minutes or so after sunset the evening sky looks like it can only at this time of year. At 6:20 PM at our East Tennessee home, we are finished with supper, and while the evening news plays on the television, I can slip outside for a quick dose of reflection and serenity. Despite any dismal weather forecast, this kind of scene can carry me through to the next blue hour.

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Great post. That late January/early February blue reminds me of marathon training, since the runs in 2012 and 2014 were always after work, right at sun down.