After fawn pictures, (see link), Marcy and I headed to the Mountain Campus to continue our exploration of Berry College.   We settled first on a pond to see what we might find.   A swan, ducks, some dragon-fly shots, and good reflections all made for interesting scenes.   A friendly young family showed up next to us and began feeding the waterfowl.   But before too long, the visitor below showed up begging for food as well.   What kind of turtle IS this??  (If you know, tell us and you will win a free full-size image of the beast!) I can report that when a rival turtle showed up, also looking for food, there was a major kerfuffle.   This was a BIG turtle.  

Huge turtle pokes his head above the surface of a pond on Berry College, Rome Georgia

I am wondering if the turtle was so big because he dined on duckling …

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Isn’t that just a giant (and very ancient) snapping turtle? Looks like he could bite your hand off.