Cape Tyron Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

This is our 18th visit to our beloved Prince Edward Island and we are still trying to get the perfect shot of the Cape Tryon Lighthouse. PEI is advertised to have around 50 lighthouses, some no more than metal towers, but are nonetheless figured in the count. There are many, many pretty ones, and three years ago we set off on a quest to find and photograph all of them. We got quite a few, but it was a daunting task to find fifty and we never quite made it. In fact, we just discovered another one yesterday, hidden in plain sight in the heart of “Anne of Green Gables” territory. Of all the lighthouses on PEI, I think this one is my favorite. It is found at the end of a mile long dirt path lined with hayfields and overlooks the high cliffs of Cape Tryon. It is a hard fight to down the dirt road because of the huge ruts and occasional large sandstone rocks poking up ready to tear an oil pan, but the trip is worth it. It is not just the pretty white lighthouse, but here one finds a sweet smelling ocean breeze and a pleasant rumble of fishing boat engines as they come and go from New London Harbour. Dozens of cormorants live in the nearby cliffs and there are several bald eagles that live here, too. Today we arrived before dawn hoping to capture a perfect shot for our photo gallery. The images looked decent in the back of the camera, but when I got home, I saw that they left a lot to be desired. The picture above was typical of my efforts, but there were a lot of technical errors. We have made two trips already and I am sure we will be back several more times. Hope springs eternal …

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