Botany Bay Boneyard Beach

A boneyard beach is a popular term for the driftwood or weathered remains of shoreline trees that have fallen from an eroding maritime forest. They are often strewn like a sculpture of limbs as they gradually wash into the ocean.  We visited one such beach on Edisto Island, South Carolina on a rainy Sunday morning in late November and were rewarded with scenes like this one.  Many thanks to Tiffany of Charleston Photography Tours for leading us through the darkness along Lowcountry roads and trails, then down a half-mile path to our destination.  I discovered that Tiffany was twice named Diamond Photographer of the year through the Professional Photographers Association, and it showed.  Her instruction and mentoring in helping us get good shots were absolutely amazing and so worth signing up for their tour – not to mention that we would have never found this location without them.

Botany Bay Boneyard Beach

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